7 New Year’s Resolutions to Transform Your 2021

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Want to make more money? Lose weight and keep it off? Read more while learning a new skill? Check out our tips on how to achieve your goals for your best-ever year.

1. Make more money

While you could always learn a new skill or take on a side hustle (see resolution #2) one of the easiest ways to make more money is to invest. Even if you don’t have a ton of discretionary income - or if the stock market is too risky for you - alternatives like investing in ETFs, index funds or mutual funds are extremely safe.

Another strategic way to generate long-term wealth is to invest in a whole life insurance policy that generates cash value. These policies accrue major value over time that you can even borrow against (ie: remodeling your home) - all while offering the security and protection of life insurance. If you’re interested in learning more about this easy investment vehicle - reach out to Christopher Steven at New York Life.

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2. Learn a New Skill

There’s never been an easier time to access information and learn a new skill. From online college courses to Youtube tutorials - easily learn a new language, innovative marketing strategies, graphic design and more.

If you have a specific passion start growing your expertise there - otherwise find inspiration by looking at in-demand freelance services on Fiverr, Indeed and Linkedin.

3. Remodel the ______.

With many working remotely and the CT housing market booming - now is an excellent time to consider a renovation without having to take days away from ‘the office.’

Consider updating areas of your home like the kitchen or living room or installing recessed lighting from an area electrician. These improvements can modernize your home all while increasing the value of your property - a win-win.

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4. Eat Healthy & Lose Weight

An always popular one - we all want to shed some weight where luckily there’s no shortage of local businesses that can help you achieve your goals.

For healthy eating: consider swapping your usual takeout for healthy choices, juice cleanses and meal plans from Green & Tonic, Freshii, Organika Kitchen, Greens on the Go. Log your meals using FREE apps like MyFitnessPal to track your progress and nutrition.

For exercise commit to a gym you’ll visit at least 2-3x per week and consider adding on studio classes as a treat for yourself that will work you to a good sweat. Some great options are Pure Barre, Row House, and Pilates. The more you make working out fun and a reward of ‘personal time’ the less you’ll feel deprived of pizza and the couch.

5. Read More Books

If you’re not someone who typically “gets lost” in reading, try books with short chapters on topics you’re interested in - like finance, hobbies or motivational reads. Some top favorites from WhatsupFairfield? ...How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Secret and The Untethered Soul.

There are some amazing local book stores whose experts are ready to assist you. Check out: Friends Book Store (Stamford, CT), Barrett Bookstore (Darien, CT), Diane’s Books of Greenwich (Greenwich, CT), Dogwood Books and Gifts (Greenwich, CT).

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6. Meditate

If you’re looking to improve your ability to quiet the noise around you try yoga or meditation. While there’s countless apps and websites dedicated to finding your zen - nothing beats an in-person session with like-minded people looking to relax.

Some great options are classes at Dew Yoga, The Newtown Yoga Center or Inner Light Wellness. Enjoy a lighter and brighter mind, body and soul.

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7. Give Back

The giveback is stronger than the set back. Nothing feels as good as giving back to others, making connections in your community and donating your time to a meaningful cause.

There are ENDLESS incredible organizations in Connecticut doing amazing things. Some of our favorites to donate your money or time to as follows:

· Prospector Theater

· Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

· CT Hospitality Employee Relief Fund

· The Boys and Girls Club

· Neighbor to Neighbor Greenwich