Meet Your At-Home, At-Work, Comes-to-You IT Support

Genius on the Go provides world-class Apple tech support in the comfort of your home or office

From working from home, to starting up your own business - the future of IT support is here: Genius on the Go. The company based in Fairfield County offers IT experts who provide world-class Apple tech support in the privacy of your own home. No need to head to the store or rearrange your schedule, and you never have to wait in line again.

Founded in 2016 by business partners Vin Bhagirath and Shem Sabovic, the two former Apple pro’s bring their industry-based talents and customer service to clients in one-on-one settings conveniently held at a home or a business. Learn more about the Geniuses, here.

Genius on the Go Remote Apple Support

Popular offerings include:

· Setting up your new Mac, iPhone or iPad

· Troubleshooting tricky or spotty wifi connections

· Cross connection of iPads and iPhone calls

· Data and Storage issues

· Email support

From white glove service, to a complete download and education on key issues (or not, if you so choose) Genius on the Go makes it simple to get back to work -- and up and running.

Here’s how it works:

  • Book a 15 Minute Consultation Monday - Friday on their website

  • Chat with a Genius to confirm the support you need

  • Discuss a date, time and location to receive IT support

  • On site - Genius on the Go shows up to resolve your needs

Technology can be cumbersome - so rest assured there is no problem too big or small for the team. A couple FAQ’s as follows to cover off in case you might be wondering:

- Question: Does Genius OTG support PC’s

Answer: Not at this time

- Question: Does Genius OTG fix cracked screens

Answer: Not at this time

Genius on the Go Remote Apple Support